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Sewing lessons

What to teach sewing

What to teach sewing? Make your offering of sewing classes scalable and have something for beginners as well as advanced students.

What to teach sewing

As described in the article How to start I recommend to teach sewing what you are really good at and you love to sew. Before developing the content of your sewing lessons it is good to think about and analyse your target audience. What they are interested in? How you can help them. In my ebook for this purpose I have included a template to analyse the target audience specifically for teaching sewing and define a so called persona that you will use in your Marketing activities.

Sewing lessons

I recommend to have sewing lessons and curriculum for students on different skill level. Have lessons for beginners as well as more advanced customers. Try out different topics and items to sew.

My strategy was to have short (2-3 hours at the maximum) independent lessons. Usually I do not “force” students to buy a long series of sewing lessons. For me this strategy works best. I even have a very short lesson, which I teach couple of times each month for total beginners in sewing. It takes only 90 minutes with an easy Sewing exercise. I call this class “Fast track sewing lesson” and it is sold out couple of weeks before the schedule.

Cik Cak Studio Sewing lesson

Cik Cak Studio Sewing lesson

Check my recommendation what to teach beginners in the ebook.

I teach sewing adults as well as children from age 8. Teaching sewing children is very rewarding. By teaching sewing children you need to emphasize Safety instructions more than once during lessons. You can download my Safety instructions and use them or ad your tips to it.

I like to finish an item during a single class, therefore on my sewing lessons we sew usually small things. On small products you can demonstrate a specific sewing technique and the material costs only couple of euros. This makes my sewing class financially available for masses.

How to prepare for the sewing class

A good teacher is prepared for the lesson. Do not underestimate preparation for your sewing classes. Beside sewing a sample of the item, that will be prepared during the class, you have to check material supply, prepare and check sewing machines, check payments. Another well-tried tip is to have marketing materials ready to distribute to your students.

Most important things to have ready before the sewing class:

  • Products sample
  • Material
  • Sewing machine and tools
  • Patterns
  • Class concept – content of the class
  • Refreshments
  • Payment checked
  • Reminder to students sent with address of the studio
  • Marketing materials, flyers
  • Clean studio
  • Contact details of registered students

What to sew

Start to offer sewing classes on things you love to sew most and enlarge your offering of sewing classes once you learn more on what is in demand. Make a small poll among your friends, what they would like to learn to sew. Check different duscussion forums on sewing related topics, what items are most liked. What sewing topics are not yet covered by your competitors? How would you like to differentiate your offering from competitors?

Here are couple of tips what you could teach to sew:

  • Sewing machine basic & 1 easy to sew product
  • How to’s
    • How to sew a zipper
    • How to shorten trousers/ jeans
    • How to sew pockets
    • How to sew elastics
    • How to sew a skirt
    • How to sew and hem a tablecloth
    • How to quilt
    • How to applique
    • How to sew soft toys
  • Series for beginners
    • Sewing for babies/ children: baby blanket, toy,
    • Summer collection: Beach bad/Tote bag, skirt,
    • Patchwork basics: how to cut with rotary cutter, piecing techniques, free motion quilting,
  • Specific topics
    • Wear and toys for dogs
    • Historical clothing
    • Sewing with elastics
    • Sewing on serger
    • Bags and purses
    • Patchwork and quilting
    • Sewing camp for children

In my case sewing toys is quite popular. I have different classes on toys organized regularly each month. My most popular toy patterns are:

  • Easy teddy bear for beginners
  • Super simple owl
  • Bone/ butterfly pillow
Sewing classes Toys

Sewing classes Toys

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