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How to market teaching sewing

How to find students and start to market your sewing business? Who is your target audience? Ready to launch your first class, then start to market your business.

Marketing Strategy

If you have already established the basics for your teaching business and you defined what you want to teach sewing, there is time to find students for your sewing lessons.

If you are not familiar with different marketing tools and vehicles you will need to learn it to be successful. Do not worry, it is not as difficult. Even in case you decide to find external help on it I recommend learning at least the basics of Marketing so you can make a qualified decision what you need and you can define the required service from an agency.

I spend on marketing almost as much time as teaching sewing. By developing your schedule and planning your time you have to plan a time for marketing as well.

There are diverse activities that are included here:

  • writing an article, blog
  • creating and editing pictures for your posts
  • scheduling posts for your social media pages
  • communicating with fans
  • checking ad performance

A good marketing strategy starts with a vision; who your customers are:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Where can you reach them?
  • What are they interested in?
  • How you want to help them?

In my eBook therefore I have included a template to define your target audience and describe a so called Persona. Spend some time to think about your future students and what value you want to bring them.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing tools and strategies change very fast. Couple of years ago it was enough to have a simple website and add a link to it in a catalogue of small businesses. Nowadays this is far not enough. The competition is high and customers have high expectations regarding quality of service.

Beside a working responsive web with actual and interesting information related to sewing you need to use other online marketing vehicles as well.

To create a continuous stream of students as a basic setup I recommend

  • to have couple of social media accounts,
  • send out regularly newsletters,
  • plan your online content and communication systematically

I gain most of my potential customers through articles on sewing, free sewing patterns, tutorials and other inspirational instructions how to make sewing a fun activity.

In my eBook I dedicated a whole section to this topic to walk you through my process and experience how to find students for your sewing classes.

How to use social media

It takes a lot of time and creativity to look after your social media profile. Prepare and plan posts, create and edit images. You do not have to be on all of the different platforms. Select couple of them and follow your customers, your audience.

If you are not familiar with Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, learn the basics and get to know how to use the administration interface for businesses.

It is no rocket science. It is worth to spend time on it. I gain vast majority of my customers through Facebook. I have an account on Pinterest and Instagram too with less activity. I have tried out YouTube and created couple of video tutorials to help my customers.

You can also get help from different marketing agencies or freelancers who offer services to manage your social media accounts for a fee.

Whatever way you decide to go, make the posts valuable for your customers and fans.

Sewing business


Teaching sewing can be your main business activity or you can integrate with other related opportunities. One of the options is to sell other related materials like fabrics, sewing machines or tools. You can offer your sewing classes in a fabric store or be an affiliate for a sewing machine seller.

Partnering with others can not only bring you more students, but could be a source of income by selling products.

Make a research what potential partners are there and how can you cooperate. One of the key partners could be Fabric stores. Assess what they sell and do in your neighborhood and use the free template Fabric store assessment.

Happy sewing students

Happy sewing students

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