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A contemporary guide how to make money by teaching sewing

The ebook Teach to sew is a guide to turn your hobby of sewing into a business. The ebook is available in online version. You can buy it on Amazon Kindle.

E-Book Teach to sew

A contemporary guide how to start a sewing business.


Who should read the book

The E-book Teach to sew is for all that would like to start a business of teaching sewing. I have collected all my experience and lessons learnt from my sewing business. I have started teaching sewing in 2014 and my business is growing steadily.

You can turn your hobby into a profitable business and make money by doing what you love – sewing.

What is in the book

The book has over 80 standardized pages and goes step by step providing you helpful tips on:

  1. How to set up your sewing business and start teaching sewing
  2. How to gain students and market your services
  3. How to operate your business on a daily basis

The book includes 20 activities, that will guide you on your journey to manage a sewing studio. You will find in the book templates and checklists to help you.

Ebook Teach to sew

Ebook Teach to sew

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