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How I turned my hobby into a business

Why I teach sewing. How I started. Read my story and get inspired to start your own sewing business. How to change your hobby of sewing into a teaching business.

About me – My story

The idea to open a sewing school came to my mind in 2014 as I was planning to leave my dayjob after more than 15 years of work for different multinational companies. I was not expecting to make a living out of it that time. I wanted to do a year of sabatical and spend it with activities I love to do. Sewing was one of them.

I was teaching sewing couple of friends before, but I have not had much teaching experience before. I have learnt sewing already as a girl at high school. There were since that time years I was not sewing at all, but I have started again couple of years ago.

How I started

First I have built a website about sewing. I was also planning to sell my handmade items and teaching sewing was „just“ a complementary service at the beginning. I have bought additional 3 sewing machines (Bernette 20 London edition) to my own and started to advertise sewing lessons through Facebook. I have rented a space near to the city center and prepared samples of products, that I will be teaching to sew. Finally I have made an open day on the 20th of February 2015 to meet real customers.

First results

Even it is yet a too short history as a sewing teacher I see a growing trend in it. Already in the first year I have had over 100 unique students and gained around 800 fans on my facebook page. Which might not come as extraordinary results compared with other type of businesses. What is important, that my sewing lessons were sold out to 80 %.

Sewing was considered a life skill not so long time ago. Moving textile and sewing industry to Asia in the last decades made sewing skills not as important as it was at the time of my mother or grand mother. You can buy cheap clothes of a wide range, so why you should learn sewing?

More about me

Beside sewing I have passion for couple of more things. I love gardening and have a 900 m2 garden to care about. I like to read business books and all kind of motivational, self-educational books. I have a 10 year old dautgher and do a lot of cake baking with her. I like hiking and long walks, and travelling abroud.

I regularly educate myself in online marketing to make my business even more successful and provide more professional services to my customers.

I love patchwork and sew at least one large quilt a year. I love the life of an entrepreuner as it is forcing me constatntly improve myself and transcend my own borders.

Teach to sew studio

My sewing studio

My sewing studio has modest dimensions. It is a one room of 18 m2 in an office building. I have bought some cheap furniture, tables, chairs and shelves for fabric and supplies. There is a small sofa and a cofee table that create a resting area.

The room has large windows to get as much daylight as possible. I have displayed sewing projects suspended on a steel cable. The table for the sewing machine is big enough for a smaller cutting mat. In the corner is a coat hanger. I even have a whiteboard where I can explaing and draw different sewing techinques during the lesson.

The building is easy to find and is easily accessible by public transport.

My Sewing Studio

My Sewing Studio in Bratislava, Slovakia

What is inside the book

How to start business

  • What skills you need
  • How much you can earn
  • Where to teach sewing

What to teach

  • Sewing lessons
  • How to prepare
  • What to sew

Who to teach

  • How to find students
  • Teaching adults
  • Teaching children

Marketing strategy

  • Online Marketing
  • How to use social media
  • Partnering

Free templates & tools

  • Checklists to start
  • Managing Operation
  • Keeping Records

Success stories

  • How others did it
  • Submit your story
  • Lessons learned

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I have created a Facebook group to be in touch with other teachers and learn from each other. You can ask questions, share your story, provide useful tips. Help us to be a better and more efficient sewing teacher.

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What have I achieved

268 students

I teach adults as well as children. My students come have very different motivations why to learn sewing. Knowing your target group is important to be successful.

18 types of lessons

I have started with couple of basic type of lessons. Testing different content to discover demand. Adding new interesting topics to attract more students .

1250 Facebook fans

I am in contact with my students and fans on Facebook sharing new tutorials, sewing tips. Online Marketing including Social Media is an important channel to be in toch with students.

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My sewing studio Cik-Cak Studio is located near to Bratislava city center. It is easily accessible by public transport. I have rented a small room in an office building. I have four sewing machines.

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Anyone who loves to sew can turn their passion into a money making hobby. What stops most people is knowing how to set up the business of teaching sewing so that it is profitable. Now there is an e-book to tell you how. Diana has written a more than excellent step by step process of teaching sewing as a business. I wish I would have had access to this information years ago when I set up my sewing school in San Francisco. This book is very well organized and full of useful information.

Sandra Betzina Power Sewing

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