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Where to find students for your sewing class

Where to find students, how to start marketing your sewing classes? I will share couple of marketing tips, that work anywhere.

Where to find first students for your sewing lessons

My 3 tips that work anywhere

You want to teach sewing. You might start offering classes at your home or finding a place somewhere else. You arrange it and make ready for the first sewing class. Where to find students, how to start marketing your sewing classes? I will share couple of tips, that work anywhere.

First, I want to set the right expectations. Finding students is a never-ending story for a sewing school. Certainly, you have to start somewhere, but even after your school is well known, you have to be on a search for new students all the time.

You will get better at marketing over time. There is learning curve to it and a lot of experimenting too.

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I have wrote about what to teach and how to create the content of your sewing classes on the blog. In my eBook I describe in more detail the topic of finding students. I have dedicated in the book a whole chapter to this challenge.

Here are my 3 tips that should work at any part of the world independently what are habits of your customers in using social media or whether they have a smart phones or not:

  1. Spread the word consciously. Talk about your plans and business with as much people as possible. Let to know your friends and family, that you do sewing classes. If you are enthusiastic about it, they will get excited as well and will share it with their friends too. Ask them consciously to help you spread the word about it.
  2. Places where your customers are. Make a list of places where your potential students might be. Where can you reach them either online or offline and go out there and start a conversation. If you want to focus on young moms, then go and visit some centers for them or fairs or in the online world discussion forums on baby staff. If you want to offer classes for children, then go to schools, community centers. If your customers could be elder retired women, then make a workshop at a senior center. These are just couple of examples. You know best your environment and neighborhood. So make a list of all possible places where you can reach your target audience. Here is a checklist of 30 places – you can fill out the specifics for your town. Where you can find potential students for your sewing class
  3. Cooperate and create partnerships. Partnering with other entrepreneurs or similar business with similar target audience can help to It could be a fabric shop a sewing machine seller a community center for seniors a school club for children a maternity center, a magazine for sewing enthusiast, a shop with creative DIY fans a quilt guild. Get out and network. Offer them a cooperation that will be mutually beneficial. They have an audience, visitors already. You can offer some interesting activities, workshops, some extension and enrichment of their activities.

Final tip: Prepare a short speech about your business a so-called elevator speech to be ready to talk about it when the opportunity comes:

  • What do you teach sewing?
  • Why? How do you want to help others
  • What problems you solve this way?
  • What is special about your sewing classes?
  • Who do you want to teach sewing?
  • How can they reach you? Where can they find you?

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