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What information to provide about your sewing lessons

28th March 2017, Sewing Lessons

What information to provide for potential students on your website about your sewing lessons. Here is my checklist. Make sure you make a good impression and customers find what are they looking for.

What information to provide for customers when promoting your sewing class

Make sure including all the necessary information about your sewing lesson on your web or other materials when promoting and looking for new students.

You might have only one chance to get onto potential students. Do not underestimate the information provided about your sewing class. It takes a lot of effort or money to get the traffic to your website, so get the most out of it.

It is very annoying, and unfortunately very often happens, that price information is poorly communicated or missing and you have to search for it on a website.

Here is my checklist what information to include:

  • Name of the sewing class or lesson. Make it clear what the class is about, what they will learn and maybe for what skill level is suitable.
    • Good name: How to sew a skirt, Simply skirt for beginners, Sewing a skirt easil
    • Bad name: Beginners sewing class, Sewing for advanced – it is not telling anything about the subject or product. If you have a series of lessons for beginners with different products each lesson, then you can add it to the name. Beginners sewing class – 4 products in 4 lessons
  • Short Description of the content of the sewing lesson
    • Is it a standalone lesson or a series of lessons?
    • What product or technique they will learn & sew
    • What skills they will learn – what they will achieve by coming to the class, for example: After the class, you will be able… or You will learn how to…
    • How this will help them or what benefit it has
  • Skill level required – you can shortly describe what you mean by each skill level.
    • Total beginners
    • Beginners
    • Children – recommended age
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
  • Duration – how long the lesson will take in minutes or hours
  • When – date and time
  • Where – add the address or at least the city to each page even you have a separate Contact page on your web. Or you can ad a link to the Contact page. You can add details about parking or public transportation. Why to add the address for each sewing lessons? There are couple of reasons for it:
    • Make it easy for customers to reach you. They might not find as easily the Contact page as you think and it is an extra click for them.
    • From a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) perspective, you make this way more relevant your site. Many times users look for a service in relation to the location, for example they search the term sewing lessons in Atlanta. If you do not have this information available at your site, then search engine might not display among results your sewing school.
  • Material and tools required
    • Is material included in the price?
    • Where they can buy fabric? You can provide some tips or a list of fabric shops in the neighborhood. Especially beginners might not know where to buy fabric and what type.
    • Do they have to bring own sewing machine or some other sewing tools?
  • Price
    • Price per lesson or any other unit you have like for example hourly
    • Is price including or without VAT?
    • List what is included in the price. Do you provide refreshments, sewing machine and tools or small sewing notions like zippers, thread and buttons for example?
    • Payment method and conditions: or link to payment conditions, cash, in advance, by card…This should be part either of your Terms and conditions or in a separate document Payment conditions.
  • Pictures
    • Main illustrative picture
    • Picture of product they will sew. It is good to have a real sample of the product. Make the samples from a nice catchy fabric.
    • Picture or map of the location
    • Picture of you
  • Teacher – name and/or picture. Especially if there are more teachers at your sewing school. You can also add a link to your About me page, if you have one.
  • Cancelling and money back rules or link to it within your Terms and conditions
  • References from past satisfied customers
  • Other similar, popular or next sewing classes
  • You can add a link to Frequently asked questions
  • What information is required when booking a lesson. Either this is in a predefined form are they have to send in email or providing by phone, depending on the ordering method. (Based on it you will need a Privacy Policy)

Here is a printable Checklist –   Download Template sewing lesson checklist

This list is maybe longer as you initially thought would be.

  • Define a repeatable structure and a form for your sewing classes.
  • What make sense in your particular case?
  • By informing potential customers properly, you can afford unnecessary questions and clarification emails and make the decision making easier for them.
  • You set the right expectations and make the process transparent for them.

Do you provide some additional info about your sewing classes that is missing from this list? Send us your comments on

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