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Popular sewing classes

7th March 2017, Inspirations, Sewing Lessons

How to prepare the offer of your sewing classes? Find out what are my most popular sewing classes and start to design your own sewing classes.

Popular sewing classes

My 10 most popular sewing classes

When you are a fresh starter in sewing business it takes some time until you find out where demand is and what sewing classes your customer are interested in.

Do a research

Certainly, at the start it is good to do some research:

  1. Ask your friends, colleagues or other moms.
  2. Look what your competitors do.
  3. Search on the internet.

Where is the problem

Even after all this research it might happen, that your start to offer a sewing class and not many show interest. It is difficult to tell at the start where the problem is:

  • The price is too high or low
  • The subject of the class is not interesting enough
  • Marketing was not addressing the right target group

My 10 most popular sewing classes

I will share here my most popular sewing classes. It might help you to create your specific offer of sewing classes. Remember, it is always an experiment. Do not be afraid to fail and keep trying.

  • “We start sewing”

This is a series of 4 sewing lessons for total beginners or with very little sewing experience. We start with the very basics. On each lesson, we teach to sew a simply and practical product: pillowcase, tote bag, small pouch, simply soft toy – usually an elephant. Each lesson takes place some 2.5-3 hours.

Sewing classes Cik Cak Studio
  • “Fast Track sewing lesson”

Fast track sewing lesson is a 90-minute standalone sewing lecture for total beginners. Many times students do not even have a sewing machine yet and they want to decide whether sewing is a right hobby for them only after the class. It is for busy people, who plan to be a self/learner after my sewing lesson. It is a basic introduction to sewing machine we do exercising on paper sheets (You can download the Practice sheets). We teach sewing a simple bag.

Fast track sewing lesson

Fast track sewing lesson

  • “How to sew a skirt”

Sewing a skirt requires at least some basic experience already. It is a full day class. We usually do on Saturday. We teach sewing a simply longer skirt. Either a pleated one or a circle one.

Sewing skirts

Sewing skirts

  • “Quiet book”

We added a sewing class on how to sew a Quiet book only recently to our offering of sewing classes. I have met a teacher for it and she is selling her quiet books on Etsy. We teach sewing a 6/page book and prepare for students all the details ahead to be able to finish it in 8 hours. We precut all the pieces, so they can focus on techniques to compile it.

Quiet book sewing lesson

Quiet book sewing lesson

  • “How to hem jeans”

Many our students do not wear standard sizes. In this case, they are smaller and need to shorten trousers. It is a kind of workshop 2-3 hours. They bring their own jeans and we teach how to hem jeans or other trousers directly on their sample.

  • “How to work with patterns”

Burda is the most popular sewing magazine in my country. For many students reading and using patterns is difficult. We do not do any sewing on this sewing class. We teach how to take measures, how to find the right pattern pieces, how to draw to paper and to the fabric, how to cut fabric. It prepares them to use patterns and start sewing clothes.

  • “Sewing soft toys”

As one of the largest group of my clients are young mums, they are interested in sewing soft toys. I have selected couple of toys that we can finish in 2-3 hours: bear, elephant, and owl.

Teddy Bear
  • Sewing with elastics – simply t-shirt

Elastics are tricky for beginners and are difficult to sew on a standard sewing machine. Not everybody has a serger – overlock, so we decided to teach sewing elastics on a normal sewing machine. We teach the specific stitches that are suitable for elastics and how to hem with a double needle or use the overlock stitch and foot.

  • Individual 1-day sewing class

There will be always clients who cannot find a class that suits them or timewise cannot attend your classes. Therefore, it is good to have something for those that have individual requirements. I check before we agree what sewing skills the students already have, what is their motivation, what they would like to sew. If they are not sure where to start, we sew exactly things as on the class “We start sewing”. For individual classes I charge higher price as for group sewing classes.

Sewing classes

Sewing classes

You can inspire with these examples, but your customers might be interested in something else. I encourage you to experiment and start with different topics at the start.

I will be happy to hear what works well for you.

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