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Follow up and close the deal

31st January 2017, Sewing Business

How to find new students for your sewing classes? Follow up the questions from your fans and potential customers. Help them with their sewing problems and it will bring new students.

Follow up and close the deal

Offering sewing classes is a bit different as offering pilates or yoga classes or even language courses.

  • Once customers learn the basics of sewing they probably won’t come back or visit your sewing classes as regularly as for example a pilates class.
  • If you do a really good job, they will learn fast and can sew at home on their own.
  • Compared to language classes sewing does not take as long as to learn a language. It does not take years to learn how to operate the sewing machine.
Cik-Cak Studio sewing class

What does it mean for your marketing and sales activities?

You have to be on a search for new students all the time. There are only a few customers that will register for more sewing classes. Yes, some of them will come back to learn another technique or to sew a specific product, but once they achieve a certain level they will continue on their own.

In general in marketing it costs more to acquire a new customer as to retain an existing customer. It means that you really have to use every opportunity that comes to you to sell your sewing classes.

Sewing Business

Opportunities in questions from customers

I would like to write in this post about opportunities that are maybe not as obvious. I receive a lot of different sewing related questions and inquiries mostly through mails or messenger or as a comment on my Facebook page.

What sewing machine do I recommend for a child? Where can I buy threads or fabrics? How to handle tension problems on the machine? What do I use to stuff soft toys? When will I do a sewing class on a particular product? Whether I recommend to prewash fabric etc.

These people who send these questions in are not yet necessary my students. They might have read my blog or have seen my posts on Facebook. They see me as an expert in sewing and therefore they turn on me with a question.

I have included more tips on How to gain new students in my e-book Teach to sew.

Sewing tools

Follow up communication

It is sometimes very time consuming to answer these questions, but I realise that they are great opportunities to get new students. So I try to answer as many as possible and include in the answer some additional information or invite to a related sewing class. Or at least motivate the person to follow me on Facebook or Youtube.

I really recommend following up these questions. If you for example recommended a certain type of sewing machine, then ask some weeks later how it ended. What sewing machine they bought? Were they satisfied? You help them with the decision.

If somebody has tension problems you can offer an extra consulting after your class on this topic. This will again create an opportunity to sell a sewing class.

Track all this communication, put reminders to your calendar. Following up the communication with potential students will help you to close more deals and sell more classes.

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