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What makes a good sewing teacher?

16th August 2016, Inspirations

Three essential parts to be a good sewing teacher.

What makes a good sewing teacher?

Teaching skills for sewing lessons

Many people are good at sewing, but not all can teach sewing well. My students often tell me, that their mother or grand mother can sew, but they do not have the patience to teach them sewing. They do not know where to start or how to explain sewing techniques.

You might be good at sewing and would like to teach sewing. Here I will share my top 3 tips on teaching skills.

  1. Be patient. Expect that not all students are smart or will understand technical details right after hearing or seeing once. Students will come with different background, education or sewing experience. For some it is enough to show things once, for others you have to repeat the basics several times until they get it. Therefore it is good to explain not only how to do things, but also add why are you sewing things a certain way.

  2. Be prepared for the lesson. Prepare samples, templates, tools, fabric or other notions. Beside that prepare a syllabus for each type pf lesson. What you will tell, ask, show students and how will you do it. Prepare in what order is the best to show the steps or explain what can go wrong. A good preparation will give you a confidence, your teaching will be more professional and students will better understand the lesson.

    If you are teaching sewing a new product, it is not enough to sew it once before. I recommend to sew at least 2-3 samples and maybe use different technique or order of steps. For example I was asked to have a sewing lesson to sew a ….I was not sewing it before. To be prepared for the lesson I have tried out different patterns as well as materials and techniques. This helped me to come up with the easiest way to sew this product. myself a lot what is the best way to sew a… and why.

  3. Motivate students. I ask at the very beginning of the lesson each student why she wants to learn sewing. Why they decided to take a sewing lesson? What they want to sew once they learn it? This helps to plan subject for future lessons as well as I know how can I help my students. I provide then special sewing tips and tricks or prepare some patterns for download. Inspire, share your knowledge, make sewing a fun for your students. It is in my interest that they do not stop sewing after the class or do not give up sewing because of some technical problems.

I have written my book teach to sew to help you to start a sewing business. So if your sewing skills are you holding back from teaching sewing, reconsider it. You do not have to have a 20 year sewing experience, but you need to love sewing to motivate others.

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