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How to start the first sewing lesson?

16th August 2016, Sewing Lessons

What to teach beginners and how the first sewing lesson should look like.

How to start the first sewing lesson?

What to teach first?

I have good experience to have a 90 minute first sewing lesson. The objective of this first lesson is to learn to control the sewing machine, try basic stitches and practice sewing on the machine.

I do not start the lesson explaining all parts of the sewing machine and how to thread the machine. I show how to thread the machine whenever the thread goes out. It does not have to be at the beginning of the sewing lesson.

In my sewing studio

Sewing lesson – How to sew a skirt

I like lessons where we sew as much as possible and spend less time on technicalities.

Time wise this is how approximately my first lesson looks like:

  • Theory – 30 minutes: security instructions, sewing machine parts, tools and equipment, basic fabric and supplies knowledge

  • Exercise – 30 minutes: First sewing lesson exercise – sewing on paper

  • Sewing a product – 30 minutes: Sewing a simply product like a herb bag, pot holder, pillow case, some home decoration

The theoretical part is spread across the whole lesson. Something I explain at the start, some other things as questions come from students or during short stops during the sewing exercise.

I always start the sewing lesson explaining security instructions. The number one and most important of those is not to put your finger under the needle when the sewing machine is on. I have in the container next to the machine always a stick that should be used instead of fingers under the needle.

Sewing machine

After security instructions students try to put slowly and gently up and down the feet dog. I always show how to do it wrong and emphasize that it has to be put down without making any noise.

I encourage students to have some good sewing habits right from the start.

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